Grow. Leverage.
Hone in.

I help you find clarity and direction, identify strengths, achieve goals, and enhance leadership skillsets.

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You want to grow. You want MORE. You don’t want to stagnate. You want to leverage your strengths and hone in on what you’re good at.

I help people like you:
✔️ Find clarity and direction
✔️ Identify strengths
✔️ Develop strength-driven goals
✔️ Reach the next achievement
✔️ Get promoted
✔️ Enhance leadership skills
✔️ Boost team performance.

As a coach, I’ve worked with executives, attorneys and other high performers.

My clients come from Google, Facebook, the Federal Reserve, Genentech, Deloitte, Salesforce and other leading companies.

I understand and relate to your deep desire to achieve more. I’m confident that even if you don’t know what that “more” is, you CAN find it and have it. As a coach, I’ve worked with people like you and helped transformations happen.


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"A session with Tania is one of the most empowering experiences you could have. She is intuitive, insightful and gets exactly to the core of the issues that could be holding you back. She will get you dreaming of what’s possible and, no less important, she will get you doing what’s needed to live a life full of passion and purpose.
I highly recommend working with Tania to anyone who is looking to maximize their potential and share their unique gift with the world."

Yelena Sigal, MPH

Global Clinical Trial Manager at International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

My coaching process

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Discovery Session
I use evidence-based coaching assessments, frameworks and tools, combined with intuition to help individuals break through their challenges. My approach is designed to increase connectivity, awareness, and accountability among individuals, teams and whole companies, thereby increasing morale and enhancing workplace culture. Most clients begin to see things differently from our very first session. 
I am personally invested in your success every step of the way.

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